Monday, April 15, 2013

ACSI Art Festival 2013

Last Friday, the artwork of 12 OCS high school students was entered in the annual ACSI Art Festival. We were only given 12 entries for the high school, so just being entered was a very high honor! The Festival was held at Wesleyan Christian School in Bartlesville, OK. 
Of the 12 entries, 5 received gold medals/"Superior" ribbons! Those students are: Leslie Shuck (printmaking), Natalie Heng (graphic design), Evan Hamlin (paper art), Kaitlyn Finley (watercolors), and Austin Smith (drawing- black & white). 
We also had two "Excellent" ribbons that were awarded to Hannah Verplank (drawing- black and white) and Danielle Roberts (painting- acrylic)! 
Brittany Gonce (sculpture), Becca Johnson (mixed media), Andrew Ungerecht (drawing- color), Elysse Dentino (drawing- color), and Katheryn Woodard (painting) were each awarded "Good" ribbons! Congrats to these students!  
*All of the artwork that was entered in the Festival is on display right outside of the high school office! 

Art 2: Pointillism

Pointillism is an art form in which the artist creates a composition using only dots, or points. Georges Pierre Seurat is the artist credited with inventing this art form in the 1880's. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Art 3: Wood Block Prints; Art 1 Self Portraits, Plaster Masks

Art 3: Wood Block Prints

Students started off with a piece of wood and used a gouge to carve a design into that piece of wood. Once the carving was complete, students inked their blocks and then printed their designs. Students also signed each print in the correct printmaking format. Students did one, two, and three color prints, which is very hard to do! Each time you want to add another color to your print, you must carve an area of the wood out, re ink your block, and perfectly align your block on top of a previous print! The level of difficulty for a three color print is extremely high! As you can see, these students excelled at this art form!

Brittany Gonce

Danielle Roberts

Leslie Shuck

Katheryn Woodard

Natalie Heng

Art 1: Plaster Masks

Students used plaster gauze and a face mold to create these plaster masks. The gauze had to be completely submerged into water and then formed onto the face mold. Once the plaster was dry, students painted their masks and then finished them with Mod Podge!

Art 1: Self Portraits

Students had their picture taken and then created at 1" x 1" grid on their picture. On their project paper, they created a  2" x 2" grid. Students matched each square on their picture to the correlating square on their project paper. This technique helps students get the proportions correct!