Monday, May 4, 2015

Art 1: Earth Day Projects

Earth Day was April 22nd! Students were given the challenge of using only recycled materials to create an object of their choice. There are actual art forms in which artists take trash and turn it into a treasured artwork. The names for this type of art is Junk Art, Found Object Art, and Recycled Art. Students displayed their projects and they were judged by a teachers and administrators. Below are pictures of the projects done by class. The winners in each category are also shown!

 1st Hour Projects

2nd Hour Projects

5th Hour Projects

Class Best 1st Hour

Thomas Qualls & Kristen White

Class Best 2nd Hour (3 way tie)

Jane Anne Parry & Warren Chapman

Sam Babb & Tyler Park

Anna Babb & Alison Kittle
Also Awarded: Best Use of Materials Overall

Class Best 2nd Hour Runner-Up

Madi Duncan & Jake Kerr

Most Creative Overall

Sam Babb & Tyler Park

Class Best 5th Hour/Best of Show

Mallori Mueller

Class Best 5th Hour 2nd Place

Carly Herrin & Emma Miller

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Art 1: Self-Portraits

After studying Proportion, one of the principles of art, students drew a self portrait. Students' photographs were printed as a 5 x 7 print. Their paper was cut to 10 x 14. Students used 1" and 2" grids to transfer what they saw in their small photograph to larger drawing paper. Students did a great job of taking their time and drawing what they saw in their original photograph, square by square!

Art 2: Pointillism

Art 2 students recently studied Georges Suerat and Pointillism, the painting style Suerat is credited with inventing. After their study and exploration of the various forms of pointillism, students sketched their compositions and then used different sized pens and markers to add value. Each work was completed using only dots!














Friday, March 27, 2015

Art 1: Masks

Students created masks out of plaster gauze and a plastic face mold! They then designed and painted their masks using a form of balance. To finish, students brushed Mod Podge on top of their painted masks!

 1st Hour

 2nd Hour

5th Hour

Kadie Grace, Laney, Lexi

Grace, Christyn, Cailie

Jordan and Ben

Kadyn, Madi, Jane Anne

Dalton, Alison, Sam G.

Zac, Jake, Tyler

Warren, Austin, George, Sam B.

Carly, Kate, Mallori 

Charlie, Dawson, Christian

Aleks, Charles, Emma M.

Anna and Emma V.