Thursday, May 22, 2014

Former Art 3 Student Makes the News

Last school year Brittany Gonce (OCS ’13) spent months creating a huge painting of Russell Westbrook for an Art 3 project. She used a technique inspired by Chuck Close, a famous artist who paints on a grid and uses layers of shapes and colors to create large portraits. After graduating from OCS, Brittany has continued to use her artistic gift to create. One of her most recent creations was another large portrait painting. This time she painted Thunder player and NBA MVP Kevin Durant. Last night, Brittany and friend Semaja Parker (OCS ’13) took the portraits of Westbrook and Durant to the airport and greeted the Thunder players as they arrived home from San Antonio. Deservingly so, Brittany’s artwork caught the attention of both the local news and the Thunder players! 

We are so proud of Brittany!

See the news story here.

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